The Habit Digest is a web-based, research and information center dedicated to making habit change easier and evidence-based.

Hi, I’m Teddy. I created The Habit Digest in 2016 to inspire healthy habits. Over the past decade, I have been on a quest to instill better habits throughout my life, in areas like nutrition, fitness, mental health, and sleep. At every turn, this journey has been fraught with challenge and misinformation. It should not be this hard to translate our positive intentions and motivation into results.
Unhealthy habits are a global problem. Chronic diseases impact half of adults, are responsible for 6 of 10 deaths and 86% of health care costs, and are largely preventable. Inspiring healthy habits can prevent and reverse chronic disease, and enable greater presence and fulfillment in everyday life for billions.
Every single one of us has the opportunity to improve our behaviors in areas like nutrition, fitness, sleep, and mental health. But we need the right information, products & services, and support – personalized for our goals, and designed to overcome our specific obstacles.
In the past, as a consultant and investor, I synthesized data to create compelling stories that enabled companies to change and grow. I want to use those same tools to make habit change easier and evidence-based, so you can change and grow to create the life you want. The Habit Digest will provide you with synthesis and perspective on the latest information on habit change, including academic research, companies innovating in the space, and more.
Thank you for your support and enjoy! Together we will make a positive impact on the world.