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Consumer Media Portal WebMD provides timely and credible health information and services to consumers and healthcare professionals. New York, NY N/A – Public

Everyday Health

Consumer Media Portal Everyday Health, Inc. operates a leading digital marketing and communications platform for healthcare companies that want to engage with consumers and healthcare professionals. New York, NY N/A – Public


Consumer Media Portal Verywell is your source for reliable, understandable information on hundreds of health and wellness topics that always keeps the reasons you come to us in mind. New York, NY N/A – Part of

Consumer Media Portal delivers relevant information in clear, jargon-free language that puts health into context in peoples’ lives. New York, NY N/A – Part of Time Inc.

Healthline Networks

Consumer Media Portal Healthline’s mission is to be your most trusted ally in your pursuit of health and well-being. San Francisco, CA $95M Private Equity on January 11, 2016


Consumer Media Portal Real facts and doable steps for your happiest life. New York, NY $4.5M Series A on Jan. 2016


Consumer Media Portal Curejoy provides expert Advice on Natural Cure, Fitness & Beauty. San Francisco, CA $4.4M Series A on June 14, 2016


Consumer Media Portal is a leading health portal in Indonesia providing high quality content and interaction with qualified Indonesian doctors Jakarta, Indonesia $2.5M Series A on August 5, 2016

Fitner Media

Consumer Media Portal Train with the icons that inspire you New York, NY Unknown


Personalized Plans Train smart. Your own personal trainer, nutritionist and coach. Free. San Francisco, CA $94.27k Product Crowdfunding on January 1, 2014



Company Segment Description Headquarters Financing


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) Wellness is a lifetime journey, and we’re here to give you the roadmap to help optimize your wellness for right now—and for years to come. Seattle, WA $13.6M Series C on June 14, 2017


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) Sharecare captures all the moving parts for you, so you learn how to turn good health into a great life. Atlanta, GA $30.1M of Venture in April 2015


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) CureFit will be an innovative combination of engagement, coaching and delivery through a combination of online and offline channels. Bangalore, India $15M Venture on July 4, 2016


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) Healthy living, simplified. Lose weight. Bulk up. Eat better. Whatever your health goal, Lifesum is exactly what you need to make it happen. Stockholm, Sweden $10M Series B on July 18, 2016

Kurbo Health

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) Our expert health coaches and mobile health app empower kids and teens to set goals, lose weight and develop healthy eating and exercise habits. Palo Alto, CA $5.83M Seed on July 29, 2014


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) Personal tips to get healthier. Data from your health apps & activity trackers turned into actionable recommendations. San Francisco, CA $1.8M Seed on April 4, 2014


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) ensa connects your medical records and health & fitness apps to give personalized wellness recommendations on your mobile device. New York, NY $1.25M Seed on January 10, 2015


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) Analysing your healthcare data for a better you. Singapore $1M Angel on August 10, 2016


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) Nudge is an app that organizes health tracking data from apps/wearables to provide a simple snapshot of how healthy an individual is living. Richmond, VA $750k Venture on November 23, 2015


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) See the complete story of your life San Francisco, CA $700k Venture on February 26, 2015


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) Remente is for anyone that wants to find motivation, would like to find direction in life, needs to manage stress or just wants to keep the mind fit. Gothenburg, Sweden $500k Venture on January 27, 2016


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) Habitica is a free habit building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game. San Francisco, CA $42k Seed on February 19, 2013


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) Track everything in one place. Understand your life. Melbourne, Australia N/A – Part of Hello Code

The Fabulous

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) Fabulous is a science-based app, incubated in Duke’s Behavioral Economics Lab, that will help you build healthy rituals into your life, just like an elite athlete. Paris, France Venture on March 9, 2015

Samsung S Health

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) S Health is your personal fitness coach. Set targets, track your everyday activities and reach new milestones with Goals. N/A N/A

Google Fit

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) Set fitness goals. Monitor your progress. Get to a healthier you. N/A N/A

Virgin Pulse

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) We recharge your people. They ignite your business. Framingham, MA $92M Series B in April 2015

Omada Health

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) We help employers and health plans tackle chronic disease in the most engaging, effective, and scalable way possible. San Francisco, CA $50M Series C on June 14, 2017


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) Limeade is a corporate wellness technology company that measurably improves employee health, well-being and performance, while building cultures that support well-being. Bellevue, WA $25M Series C in October 2014


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) For health plans and providers, Novu combines behavioral science, incentives, and personalized communication to drive clearly defined, high-value action. Minneapolis, MN $20M Private Equity on April 7, 2015

Solera Health

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) Making chronic disease prevention affordable, accessible and efficient Phoenix, AZ $18.3M Series B on July 12, 2017


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) Noom arms personal coaches with sophisticated technology to help you make that challenging leap from knowing you need to get healthy to actually doing something about it. New York, NY $16.15M Series B on April 1, 2015


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) Viverae is a workplace wellness technology company based in Dallas, Texas. Rooted in care and focused on reducing health risks, our innovative application empowers employers to create cultures of health and well-being. We bring clarity. We inspire. We support. Dallas, TX $8.37M in 2009


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) WellDoc’s disruptive innovation in healthcare and mHealth uses mobile technology to transform the treatment of chronic disease. Baltimore, MD $7.5M Series B on March 1, 2016

Thrive Global

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) Thrive Global is a corporate and consumer well­being and productivity platform aimed at changing the way we work and live. New York, NY $7M Series A on August 11, 2016


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) Newtopia is leading the way to personalized health for disease prevention by combining the power of genetics, personalized coaching, and smart technology. Toronto, Canada $2M Venture on December 3, 2014

Workit Health

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) Reimagining Recovery. We’re rebuilding everything about how treatment works. Ann Arbor, MI $1.1M Seed on August 8, 2016

Yes Health

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) Yes Health is the first all-mobile diabetes prevention program — personalized just for you. Mill Valley, CA Unknown

The Vitality Group

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) The Vitality wellness program is built to continuously inspire, motivate, and reward employees to live their healthiest life. Chicago, IL Unknown


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) We design employee experiences that shift culture and drive health, well-being, and performance outcomes for employers, brokers, and health systems. Redmond, WA Unknown

Canary Health

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) Our suite of evidence-based programs are proven to prevent and manage chronic conditions such as arthritis, depression, diabetes, heart disease, and stress. Los Angeles, CA Unknown


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) We help people thrive. BioBeats’ machine learning platform delivers biometric insight about the wellbeing of individuals, employees and patients in real-time, and helps them action that insight through engaging media. Berkeley, CA $2.28M Seed on April 22, 2016

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) helps insurers evolve to meet the needs of the next generation of consumers. We engage with consumers, via the web based platform, to support them in living their life to the fullest. It is through this engagement that we gain the insight that enables our clients to offer the right product at the right time, one that is relevant to the consumer and their life-stage. Philadelphia, PA $1.5M Seed on January 12, 2016

Provata Health

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) Revolutionizing workplace wellness by uniting 25 years of clinical trials with innovative digital technologies Lake Oswego, OR $1.4M Venture on August 12, 2015

JOOL Health

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) Our mobile and Web-based solution promotes sustained, healthy behavior change by engaging, motivating, and supporting people to pursue a truly meaningful life of purpose at home, at work, and in their communities. Ann Arbor, MI $1.1M Venture on May 17, 2016


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) Employee health, one habit at a time. LifeDojo’s 12-week wellbeing programs inspire health behavior change that lasts. San Francisco, CA $5.1M Series A on February 7, 2017

Training Amigo

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) Training Amigo is a corporate wellness company providing customizable cloud based software and wellness solutions for your business. New York, NY $300k Seed on January 5, 2016


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) The FitBliss platform socially connects employees, fitness wearable devices, and intelligent health coaching on one platform to improve health & productivity outcomes. Saratoga, CA $180k Angel on June 6, 2016


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) A global eHealth solution capable of generating unique health recommendations for each individual by means of Artificial Intelligence. Bilbao, Spain Series A on March 1, 2016

MeYou Health

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) We help health plans do more. MeYou Health technology will improve your delivery, drive more business, and enhance your members’ engagement and well-being. ​ Boston, MA $11M Buyout in July 2016


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) Our mission is to change the way people take care of themselves. London, England Unknown

h2 wellness

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) h2 Delivers the Leading Digital Technology that’s Redefining Connected Health and Engagement Los Angeles, CA Unknown


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) We drive maximum engagement by designing branded programs tailored to your company’s unique culture and singular aspirations. Princeton, NJ Unknown

Gain Life

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) We help individuals change the behaviors that hold them back from the life they want. Boston, MA Unknown

Frame Health

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) Frame Health is a cloud-based software solution designed to enhance patient care and significantly lower healthcare costs. $100k Convertible Note on February 1, 2017


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) Medorion is developing a behavior change engine to help healthcare organizations increase their covered population’s adherence to preventive medicine. Unknown


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2B) We work with companies of all sizes, across all industries, with diverse populations in order to implement health management strategies aimed towards cost containment and employee health. Independence, OH Unknown


Benefits Platform (B2B) We’ve created the CaféWell Health Optimization Platform to enable health plans and other population health managers to guide and incentivize consumers to optimize their health. Denver, CO $45M Series D in December 2015


Benefits Platform (B2B) LEAGUE is the digital alternative to traditional health insurance. It’s the next generation of health benefits for the next generation of employees. Toronto, Canada $25M Series A on June 14, 2016

CXA Group

Benefits Platform (B2B) Singapore $25M Series B on February 8, 2017

Maxwell Health

Benefits Platform (B2B) Maxwell Health is an HR and benefits technology platform and innovative marketplace that combines the management of and enrollment in benefits into one experience: eliminating the hassle of day-to-day benefits administration and providing a beautiful, streamlined experience for employees. Boston, MA $22M Series C on March 21, 2016


Benefits Platform (B2B) By delivering personalized incentives, real-time data analytics, and a beautifully-designed experience, our enterprise health benefits platform targets individual employee cost drivers and increases utilization of services proven to save money. Mountain View, CA N/A – Acquired by Castlight Health


Benefits Platform (B2B) Keas is a Health Management Platform for Self-Insured Employers. Keas slashes corporate healthcare costs by reducing population health risk factors and helping employees utilize and make smarter choices in their health benefits. San Francisco, CA $7.42M Series C on September 11, 2014

Limelight Health

Benefits Platform (B2B) EMPLOYEE BENEFITS REIMAGINED. Quote differently. Renew quickly. Enroll simply. San Francisco, CA $7M Series B on August 1, 2017


Benefits Platform (B2B) gBehavior creates powerful incentive solutions to help companies translate business goals into behavior change Atlanta, GA Unknown



Company Segment Description Headquarters Financing

Human API

Data Aggregation Get health data from everywhere. Real-time access to digital, structured health data from providers, labs, pharmacies, devices and apps. Redwood City, CA $6.62M Series A on January 16, 2015


Data Aggregation A world of digital health data. One easy connection. Accessible and actionable for you.. Durham, NC $12.5M Series B on April 28, 2015

Open mHealth

Data Aggregation Free, open-source code that makes it easy for developers to share digital health data San Francisco, CA N/A – Non-profit

Apple HealthKit

Data Aggregation Develop health and fitness apps that work together. N/A N/A


Financial Incentives HealthPrize is the digital health leader in patient engagement and medication adherence solutions. Our customizable platform combines incentives, behavioral economics and education to motivate patients to take charge of their own health and wellness. Norwalk, CT $2.85M Series B on June 28, 2016


Financial Incentives We make games that motivate people to achieve their goals. New York, NY $2.8M Series A on August, 2014


Financial Incentives KrowdFit is a proven, patent pending wellness rewards program that focuses on rewarding the “Effort” our members make to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Bellevue, WA $2.12M Venture on January 6, 2015


Financial Incentives We help payers and providers thrive in a value-based environment by paying patients to be healthy. New York, NY $2M Seed on May 25, 2016


Financial Incentives Commit to you. Earn cash for living healthy, paid by members who don’t. San Francisco, CA SHUT DOWN


Financial Incentives stickK empowers you to better your lifestyle. We offer you the opportunity, through ‘Commitment Contracts’, to show to yourself and others the value you put on achieving your goals. New York, NY $875k Series A on September 1, 2009

Karate Health

Financial Incentives Karate Health gives you the tools you need to stick to your meds. When you do, you win prizes and save on health care. Getting healthy has never been better. Washington D.C. $40k Seed on June 6, 2016

VAL Health

Financial Incentives Our behavior change platform drives higher engagement and outcomes with lower incentive costs. New York, NY Unknown

Vida Health

Coaching Vida pairs you 1:1 with your own health coach. It’s like having your own personal trainer, nutritionist, nurse, mentor, therapist and accountability partner all-in-one, always by your side. San Francisco, CA $18M Series B on December 8, 2016


Coaching Kickstart employee growth with mobile coaching. Seattle, WA $10M Venture on December 14, 2015


Coaching The First Automatic Motivational Support System San Francisco, CA $3.4M Series A on February 28, 2017


Coaching Learn how to live better from the world’s top experts. San Francisco, CA $2M Seed on May 21, 2013

Coaching Proven Ways to Achieve Your Goals San Francisco, CA $1.1M Series A on December 17, 2014


Coaching Make Your Mark. BetterUp helps rising leaders like you up your game and make your mark on the world. San Francisco, CA Unknown

Olumia Life

Coaching A lifestyle program that customizes personal training, nutrition guidance and sleep coaching, for simple routine changes with big results. St. Louis, MO Unknown


Coaching Our mission is to empower you. And improve your performance. At EXOS, we do things differently. We move you to new places. We are pioneering human performance. Phoenix, AZ Unknown

Evidation Health

Product / Provider Transparency (Digital Health) Defining and demonstrating value in digital health. Menlo Park, CA $11.6M Series B on June 2, 2016

Hacking Medicine Institute

Product / Provider Transparency (Digital Health) Accelerating Evidence For Digital Health + Digiceutical Solutions Cambridge, MA N/A – Part of MIT


Product / Provider Transparency (Miscellaneous) Instant, free help from top doctors, 24/7 Palo Alto, CA $24M Series B in May 2013

Naked Labs

Tracking (Device) Naked 3D Fitness Tracker. The world’s first home body scanner. Redwood City, CA $1.18M Debt Financing on July 27, 2016


Tracking (Device) MOTI is a personable new smart object that helps you form better habits. New York, NY Convertible Note on July 29, 2015

Quest Diagnostics

Tracking (Labs) Quest Diagnostics Incorporated provides diagnostic testing information and services in the United States and internationally. Madison, NJ N/A – Public (NYSE – DGX)


Tracking (Labs) We built a better lab experience with access in mind, making it easier than ever for you to engage with your health early and at the time it matters most. Palo Alto, CA $348.5M Private Equity on March 1, 2015


Tracking (Labs) Viome’s state of the art technology offers unprecedented visibility into the ecosystem living inside you. This is the first step towards living a life where chronic conditions are optional. Cupertino, CA $15M Series A on July 31, 2017


Tracking (Labs) One blood sample. One measurement. Over 200 biomarkers. With the price of routine lipids. Finland $3.94M Venture on August 17, 2016


Tracking (Labs) At-home tests ordered by you. Results you can actually understand. A community that helps you live better. Austin, TX $2.5M Seed on April 19, 2016

Inside Tracker

Tracking (Labs) Sophisticated, science-based blood analytics, tailored just for you. Get your personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations now. Cambridge, MA $2.5M Series A on May 6, 2014


Tracking (Labs) With WellnessFX, you get direct access to advanced biomarkers to measure your cardiovascular, metabolic, hormonal, and nutritional health with a simple blood draw. San Francisco, CA N/A – Acquired by Health Elements, LLC in Partnership with Thorne Research in 2013


Tracking (Labs) Cue is a deep health tracker that lets you go beyond tracking steps and your weight. San Diego, CA Venture on December 25, 2015


Tracking (Labs) Track what really matters. Cor enables you to track what’s going on inside your body using the gold standard of health measurement, your blood. San Francisco, CA $116K Crowdfunding on March 23, 2016

Mango Health

Tracking (Apps) Mango Health helps you manage your medications and create healthy habits, so you can savor the moments that matter most. San Francisco, CA $5.25M Series A on May 21, 2014


Tracking (Apps) Azumio is dedicated to the improvement of people’s health and livelihood by influencing healthy behavior through the use of innovative mobile applications. Palo Alto, CA $916k Venture in August 2014


Tracking (Apps) The to-do list that helps your form good habits. Adelaide, Australia Unknown


Tracking (Apps) My foods. My fitness. My health. Unknown N/A – Part of USDA

ProTracker Plus

Tracking (Apps) The Most Intuitive Food & Exercise Points Calculator And Tracker. Unknown Unknown


Tracking (Apps) Track Your Nutrition, Fitness, & Health Data Canmore, Canada Unknown


Tracking (Apps) Smash Through Your Goals! “Easily break bad habits like smoking, drinking or nail biting, or build positive habits like fitness, meditation or reading” Unknown Unknown


Tracking (Apps) Track the things you wish you did more often. Be motivated to do them again and again. Unknown Unknown

Way of Life

Tracking (Apps) Invest less than a minute daily to track, identify and change your habits with Way of Life’s unique color system. Unknown Unknown


Tracking (Wearables) Whether you want to use heart rate to take your fitness to the next level or just want to see how your steps add up each day, there’s a Fitbit tracker for your goals. San Francisco, CA N/A – Public


Tracking (Wearables) Withings develops products and applications that enable people to connect with their friends and families. Issy-les-moulineaux, France N/A – Acquired by Nokia on June 1, 2016


Tracking (Wearables) Invent and manufacture wearable and smart home products. Burlingame, CA N/A – Acquired by Fossil on November 12, 2015


Tracking (Wearables) Basis Science offers a wrist-based health tracker and online dashboard for people to incorporate healthy habits into their daily routine. San Francisco, CA N/A – Acquired by Intel on March 3, 2014


Tracking (Wearables) Jawbone is a world-leader in consumer technology and wearable devices, building hardware products and software platforms powered by data science. San Francisco, CA SHUT DOWN


Tracking (Wearables) Motiv is a personal technology brand focused on making devices that fit seamlessly into our lives. San Francisco, CA $5.5M Series A on February 29, 2016

Echo Labs

Tracking (Wearables) We continuously track and analyze key chronic disease biomarkers. Palo Alto, CA $1.5M Seed on March 1, 2015


Tracking (Wearables) Embrace makes it very easy to monitor physiological stress, arousal, sleep and physical activity. Cambridge, MA $780k Product Crowdfunding on March 15, 2015


Tracking (Wearables) Be the weight you want to be Unknown


Tracking (Wearables) Design and manufacture innovative, consumer-friendly, mobile personal healthcare products that connect to the cloud. Mountain View, CA N/A – Subsidiary of Andon Health


Tracking (Wearables) Firstbeat transforms heartbeat data into personalized insights on stress, exercise and sleep Jyväskylä, Finland Unknown


Awareness (Wearables) Smart Technology To Break Bad Habits Boston, MA Venture on April 6, 2015


Awareness (Wearables) Liv by HabitAware is the world’s first smart subconscious-behavior tracker and awareness trainer. Minneapolis, MN $100k Seed on January 18, 2016


Social Support Team Challenges for Coaching & Training Seattle, WA Unknown


Genetic Screening (B2C) We bring the world of genetics to you. Mountain View, CA $115M Series E in July 2015


Genetic Screening (B2C) DNA screening for the important moments in life We help you make smart choices about your health, your family, and your future. San Francisco, CA $41.5M Series D on May 8, 2014


Genetic Screening (B2C) Start the journey to the new you right now. No wasted time. No guesswork. Get a precise action plan and get results. London, England $5M Series A on May 31, 2017


Genetic Screening (B2C) Our groundbreaking DNA test will change the way you think about fitness and nutrition forever. London, England Unknown


Genetic Screening (B2B) Invitae is a genetic information company whose mission is to bring genetic information into mainstream medical practice to improve the quality of healthcare for billions of people. San Francisco, CA N/A – Public



Company Segment Description Headquarters Financing

Nutrition Information Portal is a strictly non-commercial, science-based public service provided by Dr. Michael Greger, providing free updates on the latest in nutrition research via bite-sized videos. Takoma Park, MD Unknown

Authority Nutrition

Nutrition Information Portal One article per day on nutrition, weight loss and optimal health. All the articles are based on studies and written by experts. Unknown Unknown


Personalized Meal Plans (B2B) We’re a highly personalized digital nutrition platform that helps your employees get and stay healthy, happy, and productive. San Francisco, CA Nov, 2016 $18M / Series B


Personalized Meal Plans (B2C) Habit is a science-based, personalized nutrition solution to help you eat with confidence and feel your best. Everyville, CA $32M Venture on October 26, 2016


Personalized Meal Plans (B2C) Personalized nutrition based on your gut microbiome and the way your body processes food. Israel $12M Series A on June 27, 2017

The Mealplanner

Personalized Meal Plans (B2C) The MealPlanner software developments support medical, fitness, wellbeing institutions and corporates to integrate personalised nutrition into functional Medicine. Finland $815.01k Venture on July 26, 2017


Personalized Meal Plans (B2C) GenoVive represents a ground breaking new approach to long term weight management solution based on science that uses your unique DNA to develop customized meal and exercise programs, featuring ideal combinations of macronutrients to deliver you the most effective results. GenoVive empowers you to make lasting healthy lifestyle choices. New Orleans, LA Unknown


Personalized Meal Plans (B2C) Nutrigenomix is a University of Toronto start-up biotechnology company that is dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals and their clients with comprehensive, reliable, genomic information with the ultimate goal of improving health through personalized nutrition. Toronto, Canada Unknown


Personalized Meal Plans (B2C) Lose weight through visual Eating Plans with thousands of healthy meal options Dallas, TX Unknown


Personalized Meal Plans (B2C) Personalized meal plans tailored to your family’s preferences, health needs and dietary goals. Washington D.C. Unknown – Part of Structure Capital’s portfolio


Supplement Efficacy Your unbiased source on nutrition and supplements. Distributed Unknown



Company Segment Description Headquarters Financing

Thrive Market

Healthy Groceries Thrive is a membership community that uses the power of direct buying to deliver the world’s best healthy food and natural products to our members at wholesale prices. Los Angeles, CA $111M Venture on June 27, 2016


Healthy Groceries GrubMarket is today’s fastest-growing online farmers’ market supplying local fresh food with affordable prices and convenient delivery. Newark, CA $20M Series B in August 2016


Healthy Groceries Get fresh food, direct from the source — shop our online farmer’s market. Brooklyn, NY $16M Series B on September 30, 2015

Good Eggs

Healthy Groceries Good groceries, delivered. Shop local, organic produce, meat and fish, and delicious staples for next-day delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco, CA $15M Series C on July 27, 2016


Healthy Groceries Fruitday is an e-commerce provider that focuses on importing global fresh fruit products and services. Shanghai, China $15M Series D on August 9, 2016


Healthy Groceries Eat Better by Shopping Together. Shop with nearby households. Get wholesale prices on great food. San Francisco, CA $200k Seed on March 31, 2016


Healthy Groceries Local food made easy. Auckland, New Zealand Convertible Note on June 22, 2016

Greensbury Market

Healthy Groceries We’ve hand-picked the best local organic farms and sustainable fisheries to deliver the highest quality organic meat, poultry, game, and fish. New York, NY Unknown

Hampton Creek

Healthy CPG We believe that the good thing, that is for our bodies and the planet, should be affordable and accessible. Most importantly we believe that it should be insanely delicious. San Francisco, CA $90M Series C on December 18, 2014


Healthy CPG Indulge in Health. Simply craveable foods ready in under 10 minutes. New York, NY $7.7M Series A on January 26, 2017


Healthy CPG We want to make it easy to make good choices by creating wholesome, nutritious meals that taste amazing. Blaine, WA $5.55M Venture on August 1, 2016


Healthy CPG NurturMe provides innovative and sustainable options for busy, modern parents to help ensure their children are getting the nutrition they need. Austin, TX $3.7M Venture on July 19, 2016


Healthy CPG Founded in 2013, WholeMe was created by two women dedicated to developing nutrient-dense, delicious, convenient foods. Like many, their lives were busy and chaotic. WholeMe was created using real ingredients to fuel their active lifestyle. Minneapolis, MN $1M Seed on July 22, 2016

That’s It

Healthy CPG That’s it’s mission is to provide products to improve, protect and restore the body. Our products focus on fruit and delivers unprecedented taste, texture and cleanliness of ingredients listed on the product label. Los Angeles, CA Private Equity on June 22, 2017

Nature Box

Snacks @ Home NatureBox delivers a world of carefully sourced and nutritionist-approved foods right to your door. Redwood City, CA $30M Series C on May 5, 2015

Oh My Green!

Snacks @ Office Food with benefits. Effortless healthy snack, beverage, and equipment management. Palo Alto, CA Seed on January 4, 2014


Snacks @ Office Office Snack Delivery. Delicious healthy snacks for awesome offices. Los Angeles, CA Unknown

Bright Greens

Smoothies @ Home Maker of blender-free, plant-based frozen smoothies Washington D.C. $2M Seed on June 15, 2017

Blue Apron

Recipes @ Home Discover a better way to cook. New York, NY N/A – Public


Recipes @ Home We deliver delicious and healthy recipes with all the pre-measured ingredients to your door each week. Berlin, Germany $88.54M Series G on December 20, 2016


Recipes @ Home Open the door to a new kind of dinner. chef-designed recipes, pre-portioned ingredients, delivered every week. New York, NY $35M Series B on July 16, 2015

Green Chef

Recipes @ Home Premium ingredients, easy recipes. Just add you. Denver, CO $15.5M Series A on April 14, 2015

Sun Basket

Recipes @ Home Healthy cooking made easy. Organic and non-GMO ingredients & delicious recipes delivered weekly. San Francisco, CA $9.2M Series C on May 11, 2017

Home Chef

Recipes @ Home Our weekly deliveries have everything you need to prepare home-cooked meals in about 30 minutes. Chicago, IL $10M Series A on April 30, 2016


Recipes @ Home The Meal Kit Marketplace. No Subscription Required. Los Angeles, CA $10M Series B on May 24, 2017


Recipes @ Home The Happy Way to Cook & Feel Great. Custom, on-demand meal plans and grocery lists for your unique lifestyle. Optional grocery delivery. Cambridge, MA $1.7M Seed on April 29, 2015

Mindful Chef

Recipes @ Home Good-for-you ingredients to create delicious recipes, delivered to your door. London, England $1M Seed on August 18, 2016


Pre-Made Meals @ Home Fresh meals from our kitchen to your table. We bring dinner right to your door. San Francisco, CA $85M Series C on May 22, 2015


Pre-Made Meals @ Home Frichti is a home-made food production and delivery company offering a wide range of meals for lunch and dinner. Paris, France $33.7M Series B on May 23, 2017


Pre-Made Meals @ Home Delicious Meals, Honest Ingredients, Delivered Now. San Francisco, CA SHUT DOWN


Pre-Made Meals @ Home Chef-prepared, healthy meals delivered weekly. New York, NY $77M Series C on June 20, 2017


Pre-Made Meals @ Home We are an organic meal delivery program based on the science behind a plant-rich, gluten-free, superfood diet. Each meal is made with love by our expert chefs and is conveniently delivered to your home. New York, NY $4.8M Series A on January 5, 2016

Grow Fit

Pre-Made Meals @ Home Your health goals. Delivered. Scientific programs | Effortless meals | Nutritional support Bangalore, India $4.5M Series A in June 2017


Pre-Made Meals @ Home At Thistle, we’re serious about nutrition. Every week, our chefs create a delicious new menu packed with the highest quality ingredients and superfoods. All of our meals are gluten- and dairy-free! Berkeley, CA $1M Seed on October 12, 2015


Pre-Made Meals @ Home Kitchfix is the solution for when you’re too busy to make a meal, in need of a healthy option, craving something scrumptious, or all of the above. Enjoy foods that are chef-crafted, made from scratch, sourced as locally as possible, approved by our in-house registered dietitian, and hand delivered by a team ready to take care of your every need. Chicago, IL $450k Seed on August 20, 2015

Splendid Spoon

Pre-Made Meals @ Home Your best self in as few as five meals a week. Our plant-based plans are simple, satisfying, and wholesome. Brooklyn, NY Unknown

Revolution Foods

Pre-Made Meals @ Convenient Location Building lifelong healthy eaters by making kid-inspired, chef-crafted food accessible to all. Oakland, CA $35.2M Venture on December 8, 2015

Snap Kitchen

Pre-Made Meals @ Convenient Location The one stop healthy meal shop. Dallas, TX $22M Venture on July 15, 2015

Territory Foods

Pre-Made Meals @ Convenient Location Our true north is helping folks experience the incredible feeling and all the cool life
stuff that can happen when you eat and move better.
Alexandria, VA $6.7M Series A on May 8, 2017

Vita Mojo

Pre-Made Meals @ Convenient Location Quick food, ultra-personalized London, England $4.23M Equity Crowdfunding on May 26, 2017

Farm Hill

Pre-Made Meals @ Convenient Location Healthy lunch delivered to SF, the Peninsula, South Bay and now Oakland / Emeryville! Redwood City, CA $3M Venture on June 27, 2016

My Fit Foods

Pre-Made Meals @ Convenient Location Handcrafted, fresh, grab & go meals. Austin, TX Undisclosed in July 2015

Kettlebell Kitchen

Pre-Made Meals @ Convenient Location Kettlebell delivers delicious, paleo and clean meal offerings. Our chefs cook up healthful, goal-focused meals from the best produce and ingredients possible. New York, NY Unknown

Elysium Health

Supplements Introducing the world’s first cellular health product informed by genomics. New York, NY $20M Series B on December 6, 2016


Supplements Build a personalized daily vitamin pack with honest guidance and better ingredients. New York, NY $12M Series A on July 12, 2017


Supplements Nutrition Simplified. Say hello to a deliciously inspired collection of vitamins and supplements that don’t require a PhD in Chemistry to understand. San Francisco, CA $6.5M Series A prior to April 2015


Supplements Smart supplements. Because vitamins shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. San Francisco, CA $5.5M Seed on February 17, 2016


Supplements Personalized beverages, wherever life takes you. Reston, VA $5M Seed on April 14, 2017


Supplements Natural nutrition for supernatural powers New York, NY $2M Seed on July 12, 2017


Supplements Traditional vitamins aren’t doing us any favors. So we formulated one that will. Los Angeles, CA $10.5M Series A on August 1, 2017


Supplements We believe that plants are the ultimate source of nourishment and that real foods should be really convenient. Because your nutrition matters, and it shouldn’t be something you have to think about 24/7. It should be pure. And simple. New York, NY Venture on November 13, 2014

Natural Stacks

Supplements Natural Stacks® is dedicated to creating the world’s best all-natural nutritional supplements with full transparency. Lewes, DE Unknown


Supplements The open research platform for supplements. Los Angeles, CA Unknown


Supplements The easiest way to take your vitamins. Fort Worth, TX Unknown


Nootropics Nootropics for everyone. San Francisco, CA $2M Venture on December 5, 2015


Nootropics Carpe More Diem. The world’s most tested productivity drink. Los Angeles, CA $1.4M Seed on May 7, 2015

Weight Watchers

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) Inspiring and helping you adopt a healthier way to live. New York, NY N/A – Public


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) Whole food. Whole team. Whole you. Embrace a delicious, 16-week journey that will help you lose weight, feel great and create healthy habits for life. San Francisco, CA $8.5M Venture on June 23, 2016

Instinct Health Science

Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) The iDiet is a transformational, easy-to-follow program for healthy, hunger-free and long-term weight loss. Weston, MA Unknown


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) The ultimate nutrition tracking and coaching tool Boston, MA Unknown



Company Segment Description Headquarters Financing


Product / Provider Transparency (Food) Lets you see what’s happening in your food at a molecular level. San Francisco, CA $9.2M Series A on May 19, 2016


Product / Provider Transparency (Food) We partner with farmers and food scientists to tell the story behind your food, so you can buy better. Starting with the farmers who grow it and following every step on the path to your plate, HowGood makes it easy to find foods that are best for you, your family, and the world. Brooklyn, NY $4.2M Series A on February 22, 2017


Product / Provider Transparency (Food) Healthy eating made simple with a FREE personal nutrition expert in your pocket. Redwood City, CA $3.4M Series C in October 2015


Product / Provider Transparency (Food) Tracking meals has never been easier. SmartPlate is equipped with advanced object recognition and weight sensors which enable it to automatically identify, weigh and analyze your food intake while capturing a complete picture of all your eating habits. Philadelphia, PA $385k Seed on March 1, 2015


Product / Provider Transparency (Supplements) Research, find, and buy the best supplements. San Francisco, CA $3.4M Series A on November 3, 2016


Digital Coaching At the intersection of nutrition and technology, AVA offers an intelligent solution that changes the way people think about healthy eating. Boston, MA $3M Seed on June 14, 2016


Digital Coaching Meet Lark, your personal weight loss coach. Get unlimited personal guidance and support, anytime, anywhere. Mountain View, CA Venture on October 2, 2014


Digital Coaching Work with a coach to take the guesswork out of dieting. San Francisco, CA N/A – Acquired by One Medical Group on February 5, 2016


Digital Coaching Improve your health with a dietitian in your pocket Zurich, Germany Unknown


Tracking (Apps) MyFitnessPal offers a mobile app and website for people to track, learn, communicate and improve their health and wellness. San Francisco, CA N/A – Acquired by Under Armour on February 4, 2015


Tracking (Apps) Eat better. Lose weight. Get healthy. Fooducate empowers you to achieve your diet, health, and fitness goals. Unknown $50k Seed on November 1, 2010

Lose It!

Tracking (Apps) Lose It! is a weight loss system that integrates multiple devices to help achieve their weight loss goals. Boston, MA Unknown


Tracking (Apps) At SparkPeople, our mission is to SPARK millions of PEOPLE to reach their goals and lead healthier lives. Cincinnati, OH Unknown

My Macros+

Tracking (Apps) The Complete Diet Tracking Solution Los Angeles, CA Unknown


Tracking (Apps) The Perfect Calorie Tracker. Completely Free. Los Angeles, CA N/A – Non-profit


Tracking (Apps) The iTrackBites App Is Compatible With Your Current Weight Loss System Unknown Unknown


Tracking (Apps) To lose weight and stay healthy for life you need a food and exercise diary. MyNetDiary makes it easy. Cherry Hill, NJ Unknown

On The Regimen

Tracking (Apps) Fitness Stuff made for us normal people. Unknown Unknown


Tracking (Devices) An intelligently designed, beautifully crafted lunchbox and smart lunch recipe app. Prepd Pack redefines the whole experience of taking lunch, from planning and preparing, to tracking the nutritional value of your lunches. San Francisco, CA $2.13M Equity Crowdfunding on June 6, 2016


Financial Incentives NutriSavings is a winning formula that connects employee’s healthy shopping decisions with financial incentives to empower a healthier, wellness-focused workforce. Newton, MA Unknown



Company Segment Description Headquarters Financing

Fitness Information Portal The World’s #1 Online Fitness Website and Supplement Store! Boise, ID N/A – Owned by Liberty Interactive

T Nation

Fitness Information Portal The World’s Largest Hardcore Training Site Unknown Unknown


Fitness Information Portal OneResult helps athletes gain the competitive advantage they need by delivering relevant, accessible, information on training, nutrition, and supplementation. Gainesville, FL Unknown



Company Segment Description Headquarters Financing


Connected Equipment We’re dedicated to creating a cutting edge fitness experience that makes working out at home a viable, exciting option. New York, NY $325M Series E on May 24, 2017

eGym Fitness

Connected Equipment eGym has professional fitness equipment designed for an advanced circuit training, which is used in premium gyms in Germany and other European countries. Munich, Germany $45M Series C on March 21, 2016

Flywheel Sports

Specialty Fitness Clubs Flywheel offers unmatched performance technology, a supportive, welcoming atmosphere, and proven results. And did we mention fun? New York, NY $108.8M Private Equity on April 17, 2014


Specialty Fitness Clubs We’re here to honor and empower your journey toward personal growth and well-being. Our programs remain authentic to ancient yoga tradition while tackling modern challenges. No matter your age or fitness level, we offer yoga that will work for you. Santa Monica, CA N/A – Acquired by Great Hill Partners on July 21, 2014

Orangetheory Fitness

Specialty Fitness Clubs Get ready for the most effective workout you have ever experienced. The intensity is based on your heart rate, so Orangetheory Fitness is for anyone – whether you are new to fitness or a professional athlete. Raleigh, NC Venture on February 17, 2016

Barry’s Bootcamp

Specialty Fitness Clubs The Best Workout in the World. Our signature cardio + strength workouts can help burn 1,000 calories in just one hour in a music-filled environment where every class feels new, fun and exciting for all levels. North Hollywood, CA Venture on July 28, 2015

Pure Barre

Specialty Fitness Clubs Pure Barre is the fastest, most effective way to change your body. Spartanburg, SC Venture on May 1, 2015


Specialty Fitness Clubs At SoulCycle we believe that fitness can be joyful. We climb, we jog, we sprint, we dance, we set our intention, and we break through boundaries. The best part? We do it together, as a community. New York, NY Unknown


Specialty Fitness Clubs New concept fitness start-up Hangzhou, China $14.37M Series B on December 20, 2016


Specialty Fitness Clubs If cardio, strength training, and pilates had a baby… it would be SLT. New York, NY Unknown on August 10, 2016


Workout Media We’re a leading provider of fitness, nutrition, and weight-loss programs that deliver results. Santa Monica, CA Unknown


Group Workouts Access the largest network of fitness studios with ClassPass. Your monthly membership lets you create workout routines that work for you. New York, NY $70M Series C in June 2017


Group Workouts We’ve curated an elite list of fitness classes in Singapore and Asia. Empowering you with an unlimited variety of classes from Yoga to Kickboxing, Spinning to Dance, CrossFit to Pilates. A new way to sweat everyday! Singapore $5M Series A on November 8, 2016


Group Workouts Join one-of-a-kind fitness classes from your city’s best teachers San Francisco, CA $3M Seed on January 14, 2016


Group Workouts Exclusive last-minute offers at the best fitness studios with no memberships or fees. San Francisco, CA $6M Series A on March 2, 2017


Group Workouts Endless Ways To Get Fit. Access The Best Fitness Studios In Your City. Your Pick Of Classes. A Premium Fitness Experience. Tampa, FL $2.3M Venture on June 13, 2017


Digital Workouts China $14.52M Series B on November 21, 2016


Digital Workouts Grokker has what you need to feel happy and healthy every day. Sweat it out, de-stress, or just relax with the perfect video. San Jose, CA $7M Series B on November 30, 2016


Digital Workouts Live fitness classes wherever you are. San Francisco, CA $3.7M Series A on May 25, 2017


Digital Workouts Take fitness into your own hands. Get in shape by working out from home Palo Alto, CA $2.5M Venture on August 31, 2015


Digital Workouts Online workout plans and nutrition tracking Amsterdam, Holland $2.32M Series A on October 27, 2015


Digital Workouts Personalized video workouts Silver Spring, MD $1.5M Venture on February 29, 2016


Digital Workouts Skyfit is a new fitness app that allows you to access studio-quality workouts in running, indoor cycling, elliptical, race training, and yoga. New York, NY $1.07M Seed on May 25, 2016

Volt Athletics

Digital Workouts Built for athletes and coaches, Volt is an intuitive online platform that seamlessly combines the nation’s top strength and conditioning expertise with cutting-edge technology. Seattle, WA $1M Angel on November 20, 2015


Digital Workouts Get the exact training methods of the athletes who inspire you. Vancouver, BC $125k Seed on May 15, 2015


Digital Workouts Workout alongside professional athletes and fitness celebrities with PRODAY San Francisco, CA $20k Seed on August 24, 2015


Digital Workouts It’s time to OWN YOUR WORKOUT with the best move-by-move workouts designed by experts to crush your fitness goals. San Francisco, CA $20k Seed on May 1, 2011


Digital Workouts Beatactive has worked hard to develop the ultimate audio guided workout experience, free of expectations and irresistibly fun. Denver, CO Seed on June 6, 2016


Digital Workouts Daily workouts through your mobile phone. Los Angeles, CA Seed on February 1, 2016

Daily Burn

Digital Workouts Have fun and get fit with Daily Burn 365! Brand-new, beginner-friendly workouts every single day. New York, NY N/A – Part of IAC


Digital Workouts Bringing Wellness To Everyone, Everywhere, Excluding No One! Broken Arrow, OK Unknown

Fitness On Demand

Digital Workouts Unlimited Fitness. One Smart Kiosk. Minneapolis, MN Unknown

Fitness Blender

Digital Workouts High-quality, full-length workout videos for every fitness level. Unknown Unknown

Booya Fitness

Digital Workouts Getting you sweating in seconds. Every type of fitness class you can imagine. New York, NY Unknown


Digital Workouts RallyAll gives you access to live & on-demand fitness classes from your computer, tablet, or phone San Jose, CA Unknown


Digital Workouts Make working out as easy as possible, a personal trainer in your pocket to keep you motivated. Morrisville, NC Unknown


Digital Workouts Our apps are at homes and gyms helping you work out and stay fit. London, England Unknown


Digital Workouts Workout anywhere and anytime with our award-winning fitness app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Toronto, Canada Unknown

30 Day Fitness Challenge

Digital Workouts Workouts at home, suitable for anybody at anytime. Unknown Unknown


Digital Workouts Your individual training plan. High intensity workouts. Adapted to you and your goals. Munich, Germany Unknown


Digital Workouts The Simplest Workout To Get Stronger Unknown Unknown

Zombies, Run!

Digital Workouts Run in the Real World. Become a Hero in Another. London, England Unknown

Daily Yoga

Digital Workouts Daily Yoga is a yoga coaching app providing Yoga Classes, Asanas, Scheduled Plans, and Meditation Tracks, suitable for all level – beginners, intermediate and advanced. Unknown Unknown


Digital Workouts Fitness22 is the world’s easiest & most successful way to get in shape and stay in shape, for life. Tel Aviv, Israel Unknown


Digital Workouts Your mobile weight-loss coach Bangalore, India $1M Series A on December 28, 2016


Local Workouts Discover The GymHit Network. The only integrated communication, booking, billing and marketing platform designed specifically for the fitness industry. Sacramento, CA $460k Convertible Note on July 5, 2015


Local Workouts BYG (BookYourGame) lets you discover and purchase fitness services from the gyms and fitness centers around you. BYG provides accessed ratings, telling you the exact quality to expect in a fitness center around you along with completely transparent pricing, making sure you will never have to haggle for prices inside the gym. Bangalore, India Venture on June 18, 2016

Find Your Trainer

Trainers on Demand Find Your Trainer delivers vetted & certified personal trainers to your doorstep and allows you access to trainers at top gyms and studios without a membership. New York, NY $1.5M Seed on January 13, 2016


Trainers on Demand Workout when you want, where you want. Personal trainers, yoga, and pilates instructors come to you. Pacific Palisades, CA $250k Angel on November 1, 2014


Trainers on Demand Fitness on your schedule, in your budget. Philadelphia, PA $20k Convertible Note on March 18, 2016


Trainers on Demand Your trainer, on demand. One Membership. No Tips. No Hassle. Any workout when you want it. Yoga, Boxing, Tone Up, Dance, Training, Pilates and more. Santa Monica, CA Unknown


Trainers on Demand We’ve made working out possible. We know you’re busy. Our trainers come to you for a 30min workout. New York, NY Unknown


Events Wanderlust’s core mission is to create community around mindful living. Brooklyn, NY Unknown

The Color Run

Events The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, and individuality. Salt Lake City, UT Unknown

Tough Mudder

Events We are 10-12 miles of mud and obstacles built to test your mental grit, camaraderie and all-around physical fitness. Brooklyn, NY Unknown

Spartan Race

Events Born in the gritty mountains of Vermont, Spartan is blazing trails in the fastest growing participant sport in the world. Pittsfield, VT $10M Venture on April 20, 2016


Events IRONMAN is one of the leading sports brands in the world with 180 events in over 20 countries. Tampa, FL N/A – Acquired by WANDA Group on August 27, 2015

Virgin Sport

Events We’re Here To Shake Things Up. We’re Going To Play Sport The Virgin Way – And No One Is Getting Left Behind. At Virgin Sport, We’re About The Good Times, Not Just The Fast Times. New York, NY Unknown



Company Segment Description Headquarters Financing


Product / Provider Transparency Discover your local trainers and workouts. A game-changing app to find trainers, classes & workouts in your neighbourhood that match your preference! New York, NY Unknown


Product / Provider Transparency Find gyms without constraint. Everywhere in France. France $3.4M Seed on July 6, 2017


Tracking (Wearables) Activity trackers & watches Olathe, KS N/A – Public


Tracking (Wearables) Striiv develops portable fitness devices and mobile-enabled applications that help users be active and healthy. Redwood City, CA $6M Series A on September 7, 2011


Tracking (Wearables) The A.I. coach that talks to you through your workout. Mountain View, CA $3M Series A on October 22, 2014


Tracking (Wearables) A smart sweatpatch that detects important biometric data in real-time to help you achieve the perfect workout. Philadelphia, PA Unknown

Map My Run

Tracking (Apps) You pound the pavement, we provide the motivation. Plan each stride and learn from every route with MapMyRun. Austin, TX N/A – Part of Under Armour


Tracking (Apps) Endomondo is a free app and website that makes fitness fun and helps you stay motivated. Copenhagen, Denmark N/A – Acquired by Under Armour on February 4, 2015


Tracking (Apps) The Social Network for Athletes. Connect with friends and make the most of every run and ride. San Francisco, CA $18.5M Series D on October 29, 2014


Tracking (Apps) Measure muscle quality and fat percentage accurately with the Chisel hand-held body scanner. San Francisco, CA $6.2M Series A on November 17, 2015

Red Rock Apps

Tracking (Apps) Running for Weight Loss is a training, diet & motivation app to lose weight Henderson, NV $200k Seed on October 1, 2014


Tracking (Apps) Be Active. Feel Awesome. Boost your activity. Build healthy habits. Unknown Unknown


Tracking (Apps) Everyone. Every run. Join the running community that helps people get out the door and stick with running forever. Boston, MA N/A – Acquired by ASICS on February 12, 2016


Tracking (Apps) Activity diary for your life Helsinki, Finland N/A – Acquired by Facebook on April 24, 2014


Tracking (Apps) Steps is a pedometer and activity tracker. It shows you just how much you’re moving in a simple, elegant way. UK N/A


Tracking (Apps) Your health and fitness community Pasching. Austria N/A – Acquired by Adidas on August 5, 2015

Gym Genius

Tracking (Apps) Lift, Track, Improve Unknown Unknown


Tracking (Apps) Analyze. Track. Succeed! Join the thousands who use the FitTrace App to store, access, compare, and analyze their body composition information as well as observe trends over time. Los Angeles, CA Unknown


Digital Coaching A comprehensive, 1-on-1 personalized mobile coach who will keep you accountable and motivated to reach your goals. Menlo Park, CA Venture on February 10, 2016


Performance Equipment Gaiam is a leading lifestyle brand that with a mission to make yoga, fitness, and well-being accessible to all. Boulder, CO N/A – Public


Performance Equipment Smart performance apparel that monitors your biosignals and distills them into meaningful insights. Redwood City, CA $35M Series C on November 18, 2015


Performance Equipment WHOOP is the performance optimization system that empowers athletes and teams to perform better and win more. Boston, MA $15M Series B on September 22, 2015


Performance Equipment Technology That Helps You Move Better. Solutions to every day movements. Palo Alto, CA $10M Series B on November 3, 2015

Halo Neuroscience

Neurotechnology Neurotechnology for elite athletes. San Francisco, CA $9M Series A on February 10, 2016

Catapult Sports

Performance Equipment Catapult Invented GPS Tracking For Team Sports Chicago, IL Unknown


Social Match With Your Ideal Workout Partner. Achieve Your Fitness Goals With The Squad. New York, NY Unknown



Company Segment Description Headquarters Financing


CBT Become your strongest self. Online programs that provide effective, affordable support for emotional well-being. San Francisco, CA $17M Series A on February 10, 2016


CBT Joyable provides evidence-based, affordable mental health services to the millions who can’t access them today. San Francisco, CA $8M Series A on November 18, 2015


CBT Koko provides emotional support as a service for any product, including chatbots, voice assistants, and online communities. New York, NY $2.5M Series A on August 9, 2016


CBT Daily tools for stress and anxiety alongside a supportive community. Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Meditation. San Francisco, CA Seed on February 20, 2017


CBT Kip helps you find a quality therapist and measure your progress. San Francisco, CA Seed on November 1, 2015


CBT I’m ready to listen, 24/7. No couches, no meds, no childhood stuff. Just strategies to improve your mood. And the occasional dorky joke. Palo Alto, CA Unknown


Meditation (B2C) Headspace is meditation made simple. Learn online, when you want, wherever you are, in just 10 minutes a day. Los Angeles, CA $34.3M Series A on September 17, 2015


Meditation (B2C) Relax with Calm, a simple mindfulness meditation app that brings clarity and peace of mind into your life. San Francisco, CA $578k Seed on June 18, 2014

Stop, Breathe & Think

Meditation (B2C) A friendly, simple tool to guide people of all ages and backgrounds through meditations for mindfulness and compassion. Los Angeles, CA Unknown


Meditation (B2C) Whil is the leader in digital mindfulness, yoga, and leadership training. Explore over 1,250 training sessions and curated programs from some of? the world’s top trainers, and start living a happier, healthier life. San Francisco, CA Unknown

10% Happier

Meditation (B2C) Learn how to meditate with this clear, easy to use, step by step guide from skeptical newsman Dan Harris and the best meditation teachers Boston, MA Unknown


Meditation (B2C) The Mindfulness App helps you to reduce stress and increase wellbeing. Stockholm, Sweden Unknown


Meditation (B2C) Mental training for athletes. Learn from the same coaches that train MJ, Kobe, Aaron Gordon,and Olympians. Elevate your mind, up your game! Unknown Unknown


Meditation (B2C) buddhify is the mindfulness app for modern life Glasgow, Scotland Unknown

Insight Timer

Meditation (B2C) Home to more than 950,000 meditators, Insight Timer is rated as the top free meditation app on the Android and iOS stores. Petaluma, CA Unknown

Honest Meditation

Meditation (B2C) Mindfulness for the rest of us. Unknown Unknown


Meditation (B2B) Leveraging science and technology to beat the stress effect and empower your people. Today’s business climate demands resilience. meQuilibrium delivers. Boston, MA $9M Series B on April 16, 2015


Meditation (B2B) eMindful is a leading provider of evidence-based programs targeting the largest healthcare cost drivers today: stress, obesity, chronic pain, stress-related health issues, smoking, cancer, and more. Vero Beach, FL $1.85M Debt Financing on December 30, 2015


Meditation (B2B) Blooming is an effective and engaging 8-week mobile mindfulness program with a personal coach and peer support. San Francisco, CA $330k Seed on March 14, 2016


Mindfulness Training (B2B) Ignite Excellence in Employees and Teams With Practical Training for Mental Clarity, Social Connection and Inspiration Washington D.C. Unknown

Institute for Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness Training (B2B) Our mindful leadership trainings create focused, productive and engaged executives and employees. Oakland, NJ N/A – Non-profit

Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

Mindfulness Training (B2B) Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence for leaders, supported by science. San Francisco, CA N/A – Non-profit

The Potential Project

Mindfulness Training (B2B) We are the global leader in providing customized, organizational effectiveness programs based on mindfulness. Copenhagen, Denmark Unknown

Mindful Evolution

Mindfulness Training (B2B) We are committed to providing extraordinary learning experiences that teach brain science, mindfulness and emotional intelligence to modern professionals. Los Angeles, CA Unknown


Brain Training Enjoy brain training created by scientists and game designers San Francisco, CA $31.5M Series D in August 2012


Brain Training Peak is brain training redesigned for the mobile you. Challenge your cognitive skills and build healthy training habits with fun but stimulating games, goals and workouts. London, England N/A – Acquired by Hachette Livre in December 2016

Elevate Labs

Brain Training Your personal brain trainer San Francisco, CA $6.5M Series A on August 3, 2012


Brain Training Happify is the single destination for effective, evidence-based solutions for better emotional health and wellbeing in the 21st century. New York, NY $5M Venture on August 15, 2016


Brain Training Neuropsychological assessments and cognitive stimulation programs New York, NY $5M Series A on July 1, 2008


Brain Training Stimulate and Challenge Your Brain with our Fun Brain Games! Vancouver, BC N/A – Part of Rosetta Stone

C8 Sciences

Brain Training A Revolutionary Executive Function Training Program to Improve Focus, Self-Control and Working Memory New Haven, CT $320k Venture on June 12, 2012


Brain Training Discover the path to better cognitive performance. Montreal, Canada $60k Venture on October 31, 2009

Mental Workout

Brain Training Designed by leaders in psychology and technology
to improve your mental performance and well-being.
New York, NY Unknown


Brain Training CHANGE YOUR BRAIN: Know and train new brain habits. San Francisco, CA Unknown

Digital Provider Comprehensive, 24/7 care for stress, anxiety, & depression San Francisco, CA $20M Series B in December 2014

MindCare Solutions

Digital Provider MindCare Solutions partners with you to address your most challenging patients by connecting mental health and medical care to treat the whole person. Nashville, TN $19M Venture in July 2016


Digital Provider Get Help Privately From a Therapist Right Now New York, NY $15M Series B on June 14, 2016


Digital Provider AbilTo is a behavioral healthcare provider. Our behavior change treatments improve patients’ overall medical health and reduce the total cost of care. New York, NY $12M Series C on June 9, 2015


Digital Provider WeCounsel is a HIPAA-compliant, telehealth engagement platform with an emphasis in behavioral health. Chattanooga, TN $3.5M Series A on May 2, 2016

Regroup Therapy

Digital Provider One click, HIPAA compliant video built specifically for mental & behavioral health. Winnetka, IL $1.3M Seed on May 10, 2016


Digital Provider YourDOST is your personal emotional wellness trainer – a trusted online friend you can talk to, with qualified experts who know how to help you! Bangalore, India $1.2M Seed on June 27, 2016

Sunrise Health

Digital Provider Text Group Therapy Integrated with Artificial Intelligence. Baltimore, MD $120k Seed on February 1, 2017

Level Therapy

Digital Provider Have a video visit with a licensed therapist from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you are comfortable! It’s free to sign up and there are no subscription fees. Unknown $125k Seed on August 2, 2016

Ieso Digital Health

Digital Provider Ieso offers real-time one-to-one therapy online for people dealing with depression and anxiety. London, England Venture on November 30, 2015

Halio Health

Digital Provider Halio Health helps primary care providers and mental health specialists deliver excellent behavioral health care. Our easy-to-use web and mobile-based solutions integrate into primary care practices to assist in screening, diagnosing, treating and coordinating specialist care for patients. New York, NY Unknown

Mindstrong Health

Digital Therapeutics Mindstrong is redefining behavioral healthcare by transforming how we diagnose and manage these disorders to improve outcomes. Palo Alto, CA $14M Series A on June 15, 2017


Digital Therapeutics Therachat keeps your
clients engaged in between therapy sessions
San Francisco, CA Unknown


Digital Therapeutics A trusted guide for your mind’s journey through cancer Wilmington, DE $845k Debt Financing on May 6, 2015


Digital Therapeutics A psychological testing and mindfulness treatment program administered on a tablet in your medical office Pleasant Hill, CA $788k Seed on March 2, 2016


Digital Therapeutics A Health & Well-Being App for Your Relationship. CoupleWise takes the best practices of over 50 years of couples counseling & research, the wisdom of other experienced couples, and advanced technology to create a unique online and mobile app. New York, NY $40k Seed on November 30, 2011


Digital Therapeutics SuperBetter increases resilience – the ability to stay strong, motivated and optimistic even in the face of difficult obstacles. San Francisco, CA Seed on October 1, 2012


Digital Therapeutics Selfapy is a tool for therapy support and it helps to recognize negative patterns of thought and train new behavior. Berlin, Germany Venture on June 17, 2016

Claritas Mindscience

Digital Therapeutics Claritas strives to merge mindfulness, emerging digital technology and behavioral psychology to develop and scale solutions that will enable people to control their cravings & addictions. Worcester, MA Part of Bridge Builders Collaborative portfolio


Digital Therapeutics Achieve Tech-Life Balance. Onward helps you change your overuse behavior in 1 minute per day. Unknown Unknown


Local Training Space to breathe starting at $10 New York, NY Unknown

The Path

Local Training The Path hosts weekly sits, courses, workshops, and social events. We teach ancient meditation techniques in a modern way, designed to help you become more aware of yourself and your impact on others. New York, NY Unknown

Unplug Meditation

Local Training Unplug Meditation is a guided-meditation studio that offers 30 and 45-minute drop-in classes in a clean, modern, and calming atmosphere.U Los Angeles, CA Unknown

Sounds True

Mental Health Media Sounds True is an independent multimedia publishing company that embraces the world’s major spiritual traditions, as well as the arts and humanities, embodied by the leading authors, teachers, and visionary artists of our time. Boulder, CO Unknown



Company Segment Description Headquarters Financing


Tracking (Wearables) At BrainCo, we strive to apply Brain Machine Interface (BMI) and neurofeedback training to enable an optimized brain potential. We are developing home based wearables to improve attention level through real-time EEG detections and feedback algorithms. Somerville, MA $5.5M Seed on December 14, 2016


Tracking (Wearables) Introducing SenseFocus. Train your brain to single-task and get more done. San Francisco, CA $4M Venture on March 10, 2014


Tracking (Wearables) Our 5-minute assessment can act as a baseline for your brain health and detect your risk for cognitive decline over time. Palo Alto, CA $1M Grant on December 1, 2016


Tracking (Wearables) EMOTIV is the pioneer of simple to use, high quality, mobile EEG technologies. San Francisco, CA $120k Seed on July 6, 2015


Tracking (Wearables) Spire helps you discover when you’re stressed, where it happens, and what you were doing. San Francisco, CA Series A on March 11, 2016


Tracking (Wearables) Muse is your personal meditation assistant Toronto, Canada Unknown


Tracking (Wearables) Minimize stress in just minutes a day. Boulder Creek, CA Unknown

Lief Therapeutics

Tracking (Wearables) Real-time relief from stress and anxiety. Lief is the first wearable to measure stress and deliver instant somatic interventions. San Francisco, CA Unknown


Tracking (Software) The Savonix Digital Cognitive Assessment Platform provides a simple and cost-effective way to gauge cognitive function, organize and store data at the population level, improve patient outcomes, and accelerate medical innovation. San Francisco, CA $5.1M Series A on June 6, 2017

Beyond Verbal

Tracking (Software) By decoding human vocal intonations into their underlying emotions in real-time, Emotions Analytics enables voice-powered devices, apps and solutions to interact with us on an emotional level, just as humans do. Tel Aviv, Israel $3M Series A on September 1, 2016


Tracking (Software) BrainCheck allows you to track your brain health so you can check for significant changes and share results with your physician. Houston, TX $1.5M Seed on May 30, 2017


Tracking (Software) Research is clear that measuring patient progress in therapy improves treatment outcomes. Greenspace makes measurement and tracking easy. Toronto, Canada $1.4M Seed on July 25, 2017


Tracking (Software) Empowering women by using technology to encourage healthy behaviors and positive emotions. San Francisco, CA Unknown

Sonde Health

Tracking (Software) Sonde Health is a digital medicine company developing a voice-based technology platform with the potential to transform the way we monitor and diagnose mental and physical health. Boston, MA Spun out of PureTech Health in 2016


Community Feel Better, Live Happier. A community of support for a lifetime of happiness. Los Angeles, CA $1.86M Seed on March 9, 2017

Mindfulness Reminders

Reminders (App) It is easy to get carry away and be lost in the present moment. With this app, it can help to remind you to be more mindful and be present in the moment during your day to day life. Unknown Unknown

Meaning to Pause

Reminders (Wearables) If your goal is to achieve greater mindfulness throughout each day, our bracelet is a wonderful tool to help you reframe your thoughts and enhance your resolve. meaning to pause® bracelets provide a gentle vibration every 60 or 90 minutes prompting you to redirect your thoughts and focus on what is important to you. Alamo, CA Unknown

Quartet Health

Provider Referral Quartet delivers the collaborative behavioral healthcare system that we need. New York, NY $40M Series B on April 14, 2016

Lyra Health

Provider Referral Lyra Health’s mission is to transform mental health care through technology with a human touch — to get more patients the care they need when they need it. Burlingame, CA $35M Series A on October 15, 2015


Environment Modification Stay focused, be present Unknown Unknown



Company Segment Description Headquarters Financing


Consumer Engagement Platform (B2C) Remember how good it feels to wake up refreshed? Rejuvenly will help you take charge of your sleep health. Feel better. Be fully productive at work. Engage wholly in your relationships. Seattle, WA Unknown


Mattresses The perfect mattress, sheets, and pillow for everyone. New York, NY $55M Series B on June 22, 2015

Simba Sleep

Mattresses The most advanced mattress in the world London, England $11.24M Venture on February 13, 2017

Eve Mattress

Mattresses A mattress that is simply beautiful and beautifully simple, and available to everyone at a surprisingly fair price. London, England $9.1M Series B on July 20, 2016


Mattresses A better place to sleep, a mattress redesigned, a sleep experience reinvented. Virginia Beach, VA $23M Series B on July 24, 2017

Helix Sleep

Mattresses Personalized mattresses for unprecedented comfort. New York, NY $7.35M Series A on August 29, 2016


Mattresses Fullpower is the technology leader for IoT and wearable sensor-based solutions powered by data science. Santa Cruz, CA Unknown


Mattress Covers A sensored mattress cover designed to personalize and improve sleep for every body. New York, NY $5M Series A on January 24, 2017


Pillows The Dreampad delivers music through gentle, calming vibration which only you can hear. Unknown Unknown


Earplugs Hush lets you block out all the noise that keeps you up at night while letting you rest easy knowing that you’ll still be woken up by the things that matter most. San Diego, CA Unknown


Sleep Masks Having concluded the current round of funding, Sana is now raising a new round to further fund clinical trials. London, England $1.3M Seed on May 26, 2017


Sleep Masks Meet Neuroon. The First Intelligent Sleep Mask Unknown Unknown


Light Therapy Glasses A good night of sleep. Our life’s work. Because when we get you sleeping better, you get more out of life. Adelaide, Australia Unknown


Neurotechnology We are pushing the boundaries in how we merge neuroscience and technology to enhance performance, improve quality of life, and create breathtaking experiences. San Francisco, CA $11M Venture on March 29, 2016



Company Segment Description Headquarters Financing


Environment Modification The Twilight app makes your device screen adapt to the time of the day. Unknown Unknown


Tracking Wake up feeling great, improve your sleep, and learn how the environment of your bedroom affects your rest. San Francisco, CA SHUT DOIWN

Big Health

Tracking We help your whole population sleep better, feel happier and worry less. San Francisco, CA $12M Series B on July 27, 2016


Tracking Introducing ŌURA. Your new solution for optimal sleep, health and performance. Finland $5.29M Series A on November 30, 2016


Tracking Solve sleep without wearing anything. Track your Sleep, Heart Rate and Breathing with Beddit, the most convenient and accurate sleep tracker. Espoo, Finland $3.5M Seed on September 5, 2014

Advanced Sleep Monitoring

Tracking Sleep Diagnosis & Sleep Treatment Devices Carlsbad, CA $837k Venture on April 7, 2009

Sleep Cycle

Tracking An intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase – the natural way to wake up feeling rested and relaxed. Gothenburg, Sweden Unknown


Tracking The complete sleep monitoring app for a healthier, happier and more productive life Palo Alto, CA Unknown



Company Segment Description Headquarters Financing


Product / Provider Transparency (Physical Care) Find the best medical care with millions of doctor reviews Lyndhurst, NJ $41M Series D in December 2015


Product / Provider Transparency (Physical Care) We’ve placed consumers in the center of their own health care, providing industry changing telemedicine, cost transparency, provider discovery, insurance connectivity and wellness engagement at their fingertips. San Francisco, CA N/A – Acquired by Teladoc on June 30, 2016 for $125M


Product / Provider Transparency (Physical Care) Amino makes it quick and easy to find a doctor and book an appointment. We analyze data on nearly every doctor in America to match their experience with your needs. San Francisco, CA $13M Series B on October 20, 2015


Product / Provider Transparency (Physical Care) We analyze doctor performance using big data. Santa Monica, CA $12M Series B on December 16, 2015


Product / Provider Transparency (Physical Care) The MPIRICA Quality Score represents an accurate, apples-to-apples comparison of medical providers at the surgical procedure level. Bellevue, WA $400k Venture on November 10, 2015

Decisive Health

Product / Provider Transparency (Physical Care) Find Urgent Care Centers and Clinics Near You San Francisco, CA Venture on March 10, 2016


Product / Provider Transparency (Medication) Find what medication works for you. San Francisco, CA $2.5M Seed on February 28, 2014