Organization Mission
Evidence-Based Behavioral Practice The project creates training resources to help bridge the gap between behavioral health research and practice. Professionals from the major health disciplines are collaborating to learn, teach, and implement evidence-based behavioral practice (EBBP).
Society of Behavioral Medicine A multidisciplinary, non-profit organization founded in 1978. Each part, each discipline, can stand alone. But together—when nursing, psychology, medicine, and public health form an interdisciplinary team—new perspectives emerge on human behavior, health, and illness.
USC’s Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics The mission of the Schaeffer Center is to measurably improve value in health through evidence based policy solutions, research excellence, transformative education, and private and public sector engagement.
Penn’s Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics LDI’s mission is to catalyze and facilitate research collaborations and educational programs to integrate knowledge and shape policy for a more effective health system.
NIH’s Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research The OBSSR mission is to stimulate behavioral and social sciences research throughout NIH; to integrate these areas of research more fully into others of the NIH health research enterprise, thereby improving our understanding, treatment, and prevention of disease; to disseminate behavioral and social sciences research findings; and to provide advice to and communicate with the NIH Director, Congress, other government agencies, the research community and the general public on matters regarding behavioral and social sciences research.
Center For Advancing Health The Center for Advancing Health works to increase people’s engagement in their health care. We listen to patient perspectives. We translate what we learn into resources that help all of us participate fully in our health care and that enable policy makers and clinicians to support our efforts.
UCL Health Behaviour Research Centre The Health Behaviour Research Centre (HBRC) undertakes research aimed at advancing our understanding of behaviours that have a major impact on health and to contribute to the development of interventions to promote healthy lifestyles. The Centre is part of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, UCL.
UT’s Health Behavior Research and Training Institute The Health Behavior Research and Training Institute (HBRT) develops, tests, and disseminates behavioral interventions targeting the prevention or cessation of adverse health behaviors.
UCLA Center for Digital Behavior The UCLA Center for Digital Behavior is a highly interdisciplinary collaborative formed to advance research on the use of digital and mobile technologies to understand, predict, and change human behavior.
Action Design Network Action Design Network is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 to promote the use of behavioral economics and psychology in policy and product design. Each month, speakers share research findings and practical lessons about how to help people voluntarily change daily routines and behavior to improve their lives.
CBS Motivation Science Center Our mission is to help integrate research findings across areas in motivation science and identify general principles at work in different settings and at different levels of analysis (from individual to interpersonal, small group to organizational).